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2010 August:: FATHER'S DAY SALES IS ON NOW. 18/08/2010 till 05/09/2010.

Special on these models:

Boomer 400 4x4 Tank 250 FX250 RS250
Spoil your Dad!

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2010 June:: Bike Sold online.
Blade X 125cc

Customer Joseph from Leppington saved $500 on purchasing the last Blade X 125cc bike from our website on 12/06/2010.

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2010 May :: Elstar 400cc 4x4 Farm machine "BOOMER" -- Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that Saharah 300cc quad will be upgraded to 400cc "Boomer" very soon.

400cc Automatic engine give you more power to do what you want. Winch, tow bar, full size body, Optional luggage box, etc...For more details please contact Elstar Products direct.

View Elstar Boomer 4x4 Detailed photos

View Elstar Boomer 4x4 Full spec

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2009 March 08 :: Elstar Road Registerable Scooters -- coming soon!!

We are pleased to announce that Elstar shortly will start selling road registerable scooters. More details coming soon!!

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2006 July 21 :: Elstar FYM Typhoon -- True Racer's "weapon of choice".
Elstar FYM Typhoon - Racer's weapon of choice!!

Elstar FYM Typhoon is a race-ready 125cc off-road "weapon". We know what you may be thinking - stop right there and make a note - a 110cc kit was developed specifically for this model. Therefore, Typhoon will give you a thumping rush of a 125cc when racing your mates and, when required, only 110cc to conform to the competition rules.

No "Sharks" will stand in your way, plus don't they belong in the ocean anyway? Let the Elstar FYM Typhoon take you for a ride at any participating dealer or contact Elstar Products direct.

View Elstar FYM Typhoon full specs

2006 June 9 :: Elstar Products launches Elstar Blade 125cc -- Unleash the Fury!!
Elstar Blade 125cc in black

Elstar Products is proud to announce the arrival of its one of the most successful models to this date - Elstar Blade 125cc. On top of carrying a 125cc engine with upgraded gearbox it is also equipped with advanced shock absorber system and superior light alloy frame. It is, as its predecessors, built to last and to guarantee the most joyful ride you ever have on a dirt bike of its class!!

View Elstar Blade full specs or download Prospectus.

2006 May 16 :: Elstar Products proud to stock Dynojet brand products
Dynojet product range

Elstar Products proud to announce that we now stock Dynojet brand products. Dynojet is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chassis dynamometers, carburetor recalibration kits, fuel injection enhancement systems. For more information on Dynojet products, please visit company site

To view the range of Dynojet products available through Elstar Products visit Dynojet products section or call (+61) 2 9772 1555, or email

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2005 May 07 :: 2DAY FM's HOT 30 COUNTDOWN Promotion IS BACK!!

It's been not long ago since our last 2DAY FM's Radio Promotion and here we are again, offering you another chance to grab one of our 5 fantastic Jet USA scooters. Each scooter comes with bike helmet as a result of our concern about scooter riders' safety!!

If you live in Australia and would like to be one of five lucky winners, make sure you'll listen to the 2DAY FM's (104.1) HOT 30 Countdown starting this monday the 07 of March and keep listening for the next 5 days*. Oh, we almost forgot to warn you - be prepared to have some serious fun!!

Please go to the HOT 30 COUNTDOWN website for more details, terms and conditions of this promotion!!

* Promotion starts Monday 07.03.05 and ends Friday 11.03.05

2004 Dec 27 :: 2DAY FM's HOT 30 COUNTDOWN Promotion!!

If you live in Australia, make sure to listen to the 2DAY FM's (104.1) HOT 30 Countdown starting this monday the 27.12.04 and for the next 10 days*, and you'll have a chance to WIN one of the 10 fantactis Electric Scooters proudly provided by ELSTAR PRODUCTS!!

Please go to the HOT 30 COUNTDOWN website for more details, terms and conditions of this promotion!!

* Promotion starts 27.12.04 and ends 05.01.05

2004 Dec 24 :: Our web site had a face lift!!

Finally, our website got a bit more colour!! If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints on the current website design please don't hesitate to send it to our webmaster!!

We also would like to wish all the visitors of our website a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

2004 Sep 12 :: New electric scooter range has arrived!!

Its been a while since our last update. So here's what we've been up to lately:

The ability of a company to succeed can often be determined by the ability to quickly respond to the growth of the business and commitment to work. Our challenge has been to improve the quality of our scooters and to reduce the returns rate from 5% to 0.05%. You may say it is impossible to have only one faulty scooter in every 200 scooters?! Well it was a real challenge, which we took and successfully completed. And now with a great delight we would like you to take a look at our new, fantastic range of electric scooters.

The absolute leader of the range is the model called - JET USA, featuring 300w motor which produces enough power to satisfy any rider. Other features include solid, aluminium alloy chassiss, which make scooter more safe, lightweight and durable. Scooter safety features was one of our biggest concerns, when choosing the stock for a new range. And once again JET USA has won first prize in this category. It has both mechanic and electric safety features giving unbeatable stafility and safety assurance to the user.

We see JET USA revolutionising the way people move around and becoming a standard of affordable, safe, durable, fast, quality scooter.

2004 May 20 :: New scooter model available - TriCycle!!

So what is exciting about our new product? Well yes it's a scooter!!

Although this might be not so exciting as it sounds, the fact is this scooter is revolutionary and Elstar Products is one of the first to introduce it. It is the all terrain 3-wheel scooter!!! Now, all unstable and the toughest terrains of the city streets can be tackled with ease.

3-wheel scooter features a unique balance suspension mechanism, which allows riders to lean into corners as if they were riding on a 2-wheel model. With its 350w[!] powered motor, this scooter will comfortably carry drivers who weighs up to 110kg. Come in and ride away! click here to view

2004 Apr 15 :: Our website is up and running!!

Finally, our company has presence on the world wide web. In near future we plan to publish on the web our product support materials for easy access. Every three months web site will be revised and more useful information added to satisfy the needs of every client.

2004 Mar 9 :: New stock has arrived!!

New stock of scooters has arrived. To view our new range of scooters click here.